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Founded in 1866, our dedication is to the fabrication of architectural art glass. Drawing from more than 150 years of experience, we collaborate with artists, designers, architects and project developers to translate artistic designs into glass and to restore historic valuable art glass worldwide.

In 1999, we established Derix U.S. to best serve our customers in North America and to meet the needs of contemporary architecture. It is our aim to expand the role of artistic glass in architecture beyond that of an ecclesiastical feature window to include walls, ceilings, sculptures, curtain walls, canopies, columns, towers, etc.

Throughout the history of Derix, collaboration and innovation have been our core values, responsible for the highest quality of our work. Our services include, but are not limited to initial consulting, project development, planning and construction, project management and execution.

About us

Art Glass Studio

Fabrication of architectural art glass using the whole range of techniques, executing the designs by artists, designers and/or architects into art glass.

Restoration and re-construction or complementation of historic and valuable art glass according to the original designs.




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The most beautiful glass projects

St. Mary’s Church
Ev. Kirche der Pfalz
Biomedicum, Solna
All Saints Church
“Sustained Glass” – Gropius Bau
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Technical Competency

We offer a large variety of techniques to translate the design into glass.

(Our inventive technical specialists have developed quite a number of new techniques and are happy to assist to execute the design in the most authentically way.)

Project Development


Glass Cutting

Hand Painting



Kiln Firing

Acid Etching


Leaded Stained Glass


Cast Glass/Fusing


Protective Glazing

Glass Constructions

Types of Glass