Almost any type of glass can be used for an artistic design.
Hand blown antique glass, in various colours, will be blown as single-layered, double-layered (flash) or triple-layered (double flash); it is available as transparent, opal and opaque glass.
If ordered in small batches, all colours and shades are possible.
Hand blown glass manufacturer: Lambertsglas® Waldsassen


  • various industrial glass types (ornamental), limited colour range
  • float glass (clear glass) in different thicknesses
  • toughened glass
  • safety glass units; also photovoltaic laminated safety glass
  • insulated glass units
  • coated glass, especially dichroic glass
  • fire protection glass: recently also certified after being hand painted and laminated
  • most types of glass can be used in combination
  • switchable smart glass
  • photochromic lenses
  • technical glasses (UV- and noise protection)
  • Taunusglas (restoration glass)

Approx. 2000 different glass panels on storage in our warehouse

Ornamental industrial glass, picture: treated with black contour colour and with texture

Layered float glass

Hand blown antique glass – some of our sample displays