Expert Evaluations

You need an expert opinion in the field of glass construction?
Rainer Schmitt, owner and CEO of Derix Glasstudios, has been publicly appointed and inaugurated as an expert for the glazier trade.
Since February 2016, he also had been publicly appointed and inaugurated as the only expert for glass restoration of the glazier trade within the Federal Republic of Germany.

Rainer Schmitt: Porträt eines lächelnden Mannes mit Schnurrbart, der eine Brille, eine blaue Jacke und eine rote Krawatte vor einem unscharfen Hintergrund trägt.


Glas-Sachverständiger Rainer Schmitt

He has more than 35 years of experience as a glazier, glass painter, master glazier and state certified technician for glass constructions.

He can be called on for


  • Expert assessments
  • Evaluation of glass paintings
  • Drafting tender specifications
  • Construction management
  • Project support
  • Project development incl. engineering
  • Evaluating glass techniques
  • Evaluating glass breakage
  • Technical expert at court