The history of Pomerania in the hands of restorers from Taunusstein

A few weeks ago, in the tiny village of Kenz near Barth (in the county of West Pomerania Rügen), Derix Glasstudios Taunusstein began their work on restoring the medieval stained glass windows of the former pilgrims' church of St. Mary. The glazing involves six windows from the year 1430, which represent the country's most significant and largest collection of glass paintings from the Middle Ages. This important restoration project by Derix Glasstudios Taunusstein has attracted a lot of media attention and has therefore been monitored by various media representatives.

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Restoration at Naumburg Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul

A very special project: major restoration of the church windows in Naumburg Cathedral The Naumburg Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul is one of the most significant edifices of the European High Middle Ages – an outstanding architectural ensemble of cloister, cathedral garden and curia building. The late Romanesque/early [...]

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Art from the cellar

Miltgen’s “Spot” stacks plate glass to replicate natural stoneIn the newly constructed Mercier building in Luxemburg, Post Luxembourg completed its new administrative head office near the railway station in 2016. Under chief architect Romain Schmitz a very special building has arisen that is a stylish mix of wood and aluminium facades, [...]

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Biomedicum Stockholm

Biomedicum is the name displayed on a new lab building in Sweden’s capital of Stockholm. In cooperation with other specialist companies, Derix Glasstudios took on extensive glasswork installations in the construction of this future research facility of the internationally renowned Karolinska Institute in the early summer of 2017. As part of an attractive wall covering installation, around 2,000 backlit pieces of glass were created.

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Franciscan Renewal Center – windows for the new church

The Franciscan Renewal Center – also known as the Casa – is a very lively Roman Catholic parish in the USA. It is located in Paradise Valley in Scottsdale, a district of Phoenix, Arizona. The centre adopts a religious and holistic approach, which it also expresses, for example, in its counselling of families or people in difficult situations in life. In recent years, the Casa has experienced significant growth, which means the old building has since become far too small to provide its many members with sufficient space. For this reason, the community decided to build a new one.

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Search – a glass tower by artist Jun Kaneko

The work Search by the Japanese artist Jun Kaneko is another significant art project shortly before its completion, whose execution was carried out almost entirely by the DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein. This is a glass tower illuminated from the inside, similar to the Lincoln Tower in the eponymous city, which we [...]

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Glowing glass painting “Saat” at Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe

Derix Glasstudios & artist Margit Abele produce extraordinary piece of “public art” The luminous glass wall painting named “Saat”, (German: seed), by the artist Mrs. Margit Abele has been installed in November 2016 within the new building constructions of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe. An important source of inspiration for the [...]

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Art Glass within the Caritas center St. Franziskus in Mannheim

Art Glass within the Caritas center St. Franziskus in Mannheim When glass passion meets therapeutically art In collaboration with the artist Yvelle Gabriel, the Derix Art Glass Studios realized therapeutic art glass for the Caritas center St. Franziskus in Mannheim. According to the painter’s designs, 13 windows were created for [...]

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Church windows: St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford

Church windows: St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford Execution of Art Glass Window, designed by Kim En Joong completed St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford, Ireland was almost completely destroyed, after a devastating fire in 2009. In despite of the immense damages and the still ongoing restoration, the church was re-opened in [...]

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glasstec – Special Show: Glass Goes Digital

Glasstec – Special Show: Glass Goes Digital Derix Glasstudios present future visions in glass Derix Glasstudios is famous all over the world for extraordinary intuition for (glass) designs and glass art. In September 2016 the Derix company presented within the scope of a special show at the glasstec exhibition, Düsseldorf [...]

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