We cooperate with architects, artists, designer and project developer from all over the world.

Our service include the development of an initial concept, consulting, planning, CAD drawings, execution of the project, transportation and installation on site.

70 highly qualified specialists of the studio are at your service.

Fotoaufnahme von Mitarbeitern des Derix Glasstudio im Gespräch, u.a. mit Prof. Markus Lüpertz

Studio employees and Prof. Markus Lüpertz

Foto von Derix Glaskünstlern bei Planung der Umsetzung anhand des 1:1 Karton

Using the full scale cartoons for the planning of the execution

Entwicklung von Glaskunst-Projekten in Handarbeit - Farb- und Glasauswahl anhand von 1:1 Karton

Colour and glass selection according to the design and in close cooperation with the artist

Foto von Endkontrolle eines Glaskunst-Projektes in Derix Glasstudios

Final quality control at the studio