The Studio

The heart of DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein

Werkstatt für Glaskunst mit bunten Glasplatten in Regalen an Fensterfront und Arbeitstischen mit Werkzeugen und Material.

This is the place, where the designs are translated into art glass. Based on the long term experience of our specialized employees, the execution will be on highest technical level and in perfect craftsmanship.

Most important is the close cooperation between our employees and the customer: together, decisions are made concerning the execution, the proper techniques will be selected and the colours chosen. This close contact will be kept up during the complete manufacturing process, adjustment of execution and the optimal reconciliation of the various phases will guarantee the best possible result, the main focus to be the most faithfully translation of the artist’s design.

To meet the utmost result, the most advanced equipment of the studio, in addition to the mastership and motivation of our employees, is a main criteria:


  • 2 acid etching booths
  • 2 airbrushing booths
  • 1 sandblasting booth for free style manual sandblasting
  • 1 sandblasting plant for large-scale sandblasting and gradations
  • 8 kilns, various sizes. The max. size kiln covers 3.2 x 6.2 m and possibly is one of the largest worldwide
  • Fully equipped restoration room
  • Fully equipped drawing room, incl. CAD system and large scale printers

In our drawing room our specialists prepare the translation of the artist’s design into glass: They fabricate technical drawings, enlarge the designs to full scale using modern technical equipment and programs, and develop individual fittings and framing systems for the various site situations.



Zwei Personen arbeiten konzentriert an einer Glasbearbeitungsmaschine in einer Werkstatt. Sie Schleifen scheinbar Kanten von Scheiben.
Foto von Derix Mitarbeiteri, bei Handbemalung von Glas
Regal mit farbigen Glasstreifen in verschiedenen Blau- und Grüntönen, organisiert für Glaskunstprojekte.
Abbild mehrerer Pinsel, welche für detaillierte Glasmalereiarbeit genutzt werden