Our drawings- and planning specialists will take sizes on site, produce to scale and full scale drawings of the designs, fabricate templates and incorporate the to scale designs into the construction drawings. They are equipped with the common in use architectural illustration and graphical computer programs, plotters and over size printers.

Blick in den Innenraum einer Werkstatt der Derix Glasstudios

The drawing room

Einblick in Arbeitsräume von Derix Glasstudios: Zeichnen am Computer mit CAD Programmen

Usage of up to date CAD programs

Foto von Arbeit an Durchdrücken und Bleirissen für Glasbild

Copying and lead line planning

Detailansicht von einzelnen Schablonen für den Glaszuschnitt, Handarbeit in 1:1 Maß

Templates for glass cutting