Project Description

Max Planck Gymnasium

Karlsruhe, Germany

Artist: Margit Abele

In the newly constructed section of the Max Planck Gymnasium (secondary school) in Karlsruhe the luminous glass wall painting Saat (Seed) by the artist Margit Abele has been installed since November 2016. A major source of inspiration for the art project was the founder of quantum physics and the school’s namesake Max Planck. The glass wall painting measuring 150 x 400 x 30 cm is the new and unusual eye-catching item on the school’s upper floor – and is dedicated to its committed teachers and intrepid school students.

Three ESG float glass parts form the basic framework of the glass wall image. The various painted coloured layers were treated the same way as the original and baked to the desired density. To enhance the effect, our experts provided several visual elements with a digital ceramic print before the paintwork. The individual panes were then securitised and heatsoak tested. With a solid metal holder and white trim the image now hangs at a distance of 30 cm in front of the white wall and is evenly backlit with LED light panels.

Close up on glowing glass mural "Saat" in Max-Planck-Gymnasium Karlsruhe
The hole glass wall art "Saat" in Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe