Project Description

The Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Artist: Narcissus Quagliata

In 2007, perhaps the most beautiful subway station in the world was completed: The Dome of Light, located at Formosa Boulevard, the central station of Kaohsiung’s subway system. f

Artist Narcissus Quagliata designed a spectacular stained-glass dome, spanning the width of 98 feet. Manufacturing the 7212 sqft. glass ceiling took us three whole years. During that time, Narcissus took temporary residence at the studio where he executed large stretches of the painting process himself. g

The 1137 individual glass panels that make up the 16 segments of the Dome are composed of different kinds of glass: Approximately one third of the aera is made from acid-etched, airbrushed and hand-painted Lamberts® mouth blown glass. The remaining two thirds are made from fused glass made and original glass rondels from Murano, Italy. g