Project Description

Art Installation at Rainier Square

Seattle, Washington

Artist: Guy Kemper

In 2021, artist Guy Kemper designed two site-specific artworks for the reception area of ​​Rainier Square office building in downtown Seattle.
“Dusk”, a 10′ x 3′ cm float glass painting, was integrated into the front of the reception desk. Our artisans applied several layers of glass paint by hand and with an airbrush gun, which were then fired onto the glass surface. Afterwards, the glass was processed to laminated glass.
“Glade”, a 10′ 4″ x 8′ 7″ wall installation, adorns the future waiting area. The 3-part installation is made with hand-blown flashed glass, which has been elaborately etched and then hand-painted.
Both artworks are backlit.
Glaskunst -
Glaskunst im Detail - Glasbaldachin von Susanne Krell in Bern
Moderner Empfangsbereich mit künstlerisch gestaltetem Schalter und dezenter Beleuchtung.