Project Description


St. Moritz Church

Augsburg, Germany

The church of St Moritz in Augsburg, Germany has been through many changes since its foundation nearly a thousand years ago. Devastating fires, changes in liturgical practice, aesthetic evolution and wartime bombing have each left their mark on the fabric of the building.

The purpose of this latest intervention has been to retune the existing architecture, from aesthetic, functional and liturgical perspectives, with considerations of sacred atmosphere always at the heart of the project. To achieve this goal, architect John Pawson completly remodeled the church, relocating artifacts to create a clear visual. His design for the windows is as striking as it is subtle: He chose thinly sliced pieces of Onyx, which was laminated onto safety glass.

Pawson’s extraordinary concept received several architectural awards throughout the past years.

Glasfenster Kirche St. Moritz in Augsburg - Umgestaltungsprojekt Architekt John Pawson
Zwei hohe, schmale Bogenfenster mit strukturiertem, transluzentem Glas, das natürliches Licht durchscheinen lässt.
Durchscheinendes Glasfenster mit marmorierter Textur und goldbraunen Adern, die an natürlichen Stein erinnern.