The project Cathedral of Hildesheim (Mariendom) was given the State Prize for Architecture 2016 in June this year and was honoured this way for the successful restoration of the historical building structure. DERIX GLASSTUDIOS were involved in this project – so our team renovated for instance the entrance doors and executed works in the cloister and the Cathedral museum.

DERIX GLASSTUDIOS renovating the Hildesheim Cathedral

This year’s competition according to the motto “Building for the public” mainly aimed at publicly usable buildings. 96 projects were submitted. The Hildesheim Cathedral including museum and annex buildings was unanimously appointed as winner by the jury. The extensive renovation of the Cathedral – with the aim to balance between past eras and present times – was completed in 2015 under the supervision of Schilling architects, Cologne. As Derix Glasstudios were involved in the moderni­sation measures we are particularly happy about this award. The works we executed were various different renovations and protection works: The entrance doors of the cathedral were equipped with porches. In addition to that several fully glazed systems and insulated glass with fire protection and fall protection in the cloister and museum were installed. Furthermore glazing structure was used for the 2500 x 5500 mm big roof panels of the cathedral museum. The aim of all measures was to keep the design modest so that the historical building structure in its entire magnificence and materiality could show its effect.

We have the know how of all techniques: Your glass manufacturer in Taunusstein

Since 1866 Derix Glasstudios are working in the field of glass design with great passion. After 150 years as glass manufacturer our service catalogue is filled with traditional and modern methods as well: Techniques like Airbrush, Sandblasting, restauration, leaded glass or laminating help us to perform innovative and highly creative realisations of designs of national and international artists and architects. We would be more than happy to take over also your project from the first develop­ment until the execution -please contact us for an appointment under: +49-6128-96680 or email: studio@derix.com.