Project Description

Chapel of the German branch
of Open Doors e.V.

Kelkheim, Germany

Artist: Mahbuba Elham Maqsoodi

In 2018 artist Mahbuba Maqsoodi designed a space-defining glass art installation for the German headquarters of Open Doors e.V., a non-denominational mission supporting persecuted Christians. The installation in the mission’s modern chapel consists of three windows, a cross and a skylight.

To translate her designs into glass, Maqsoodi chose genuine mouth-blown Lamberts® glass in varying colors. The glass was cut in free forms and carefully grinded around the edges. Each piece was then delicately etched and hand-painted with glass colors and silver stain. Finally, all pieces were laminated onto safety glass and installed  in the chapel.

Open Doors e.V. is delighted with Maqsoodi’s art work: “The artist has succeeded in allowing the viewer’s soul room for suffering and joy.”

Glaskunst -
Glaskunst im Detail - Glasbaldachin von Susanne Krell in Bern
Mahbuba Elham Maqsoodi - Kapelle Open Doors e.V.
Mahbuba Elham Maqsoodi - Kapelle Open Doors e.V.