Each completed of glass art piece is the result of the meticulous coordination and interacting work of our experienced team. All of our highly qualified employees are dedicated to always meet our high quality standards. We are proud to say that all of our highly qualified team members are working with enthusiasm and dedication for the material art glass and they commit themselves to the target of executing the artist’s design into glass, delivering the highest possible quality each and every time. Our motivated and highly qualified staff, among them quite a number of them who are working since 20 or even 40 years in the studio, are the significant guarantee for products of continuously excellent quality.

Rainer Schmitt: Porträt eines lächelnden Mannes mit Schnurrbart, der eine Brille, eine blaue Jacke und eine rote Krawatte vor einem unscharfen Hintergrund trägt.

Rainer Schmitt

(Chairman and CEO/MD)

Frederik vom Derix Team lächelt in geschäftlicher Umgebung, trägt Pullover über kariertem Hemd.

Frederik Richter

(Management Board Member)

Katharina Plattner
(Operations and Assembly Manager)