Project Description

Protestant St. Lambert’s Church

Meßstetten, Germany

Artist: Celia Mendoza

During renovation of the protestant St. Lambert’s Church, it was decided to separate the church’s antechamber using a windscreen system made of glass. This was created with graphically designed sand blasting and partially laminated genuine antique glass. In the interior the windows were also intended to be embellished with artistically designed frames but the preservation order office insisted that the existing glazing and wooden frames should not be adversely affected. Our solution was to place a float glass pane with sandblasting and laminated genuine antique glass in front of the existing glazing in the light of each individual segment of the wooden frame, in order to retain the overall look of the original arrangement as far as possible, while not having to forego artistically designed windows at the same time.

Close up on glass wall from Celia Mendoza