Franciscan Renewal Center

Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ, USA

Artist: Scott Parsons

To give some idea of the windows’ size, the main or Marian window is approximately six metres high and three metres wide; one of the side windows is about ten metres high and 50 centimetres wide. In order to execute Scott Parsons’ artistic technique and the almost incredible colourfulness and expressiveness of his designs, we had to look for new methods of production.

As the basic material we commissioned Lamberts glass works to produce a special flashed glass, a mixed glass of coloured waves, streaks and strong texturing in golden pink. In addition, mixed glasses were also used with differently coloured flashed glass. Our glass painters etched the visuals on to the glass in several steps. These multiple etching procedures were necessary to apply the very fine and flowing transitions of the originals to the glass true to the design. In addition, we reinforced the effect of the artworks through the application of other colours. With this technique, we succeeded in creating a second design level and enhancing the brilliance of the designs even more. The results can certainly be described as spectacular and demonstrate once again that DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein are masters of traditional glass art at the very highest level.

Further Information
Process of the creation of glass panels for FRANCISCAN RENEWAL CENTER
Color details of glass windows of the FRANCISCAN RENEWAL CENTER
close up of the etched glass for FRANCISCAN RENEWAL CENTER
Inside view of derix glass studios during the work with SCOTT PARSONS for FRANCISCAN RENEWAL CENTER