Mission Statement

High quality art glass.

Looking back on our long term tradition since 1866, as well as being the only glass studio appointed by the Pope, our studio’s intention is to promote architectural art glass and the fascinating possibilities offered by the material glass, so it will receive the well deserved recognition as a form of art, equally to already recognized fine arts, i.e., canvas oil painting, wood or metal sculpture, etc.

To achieve this target, we are offering our complete knowledge about technical and architectural design execution to free lance artists and architects.

Our first priority is to faithfully transfer the artist’s design into high quality art glass, offering the best technical and functional results possible. In order to successfully conclude this task, we are continuously experimenting with the material glass, trying to extend the limits of the material and find new options of application. With the symbiotic relationship of art glass and glass technology, unbelievable effects can be reached.

As a nationally as well as an internationally established company, we feel obligated to our location site Taunusstein and to our employees. The responsible partnership and the interaction with mutual respect for each other, together with the enthusiasm for the material glass, are creating this special spirit of Derix Glasstudios.

Our understanding of quality assurance is the combination of continuity and investment for the future. Since decades, we are training young talented people in high quality craftsmanship. We are proud to state that many of apprentices have won the State and/or Federal Competitions of Excellency, organized by the Chamber of Crafts. With this program, we are ensuring to meet the present high quality standard also in future.

We hope to be able to extend the connections between national and international artists, architects, developers and people interested in art, to unite all of them in the intention to create something new and marvelous and to create a feeling for the effects of designed light: Architectural Art Glass.