We have 8 kilns of various sizes with a total capacity of 38 sqm, including one of the largest fusing kilns worldwide, max. size 3.2 m x 6.2 m.

Our kilns are used to fire glass paints, to slump glass and for fusing.

Large glass panel on a work table in a production hall, intended for artistic processing. Image visualizes our glass distillery.

Slump-molded glass on specialized kiln bed

Farbenfrohes, abstrakte Glasscheiben mit lebhaften Formen auf einem Arbeitstisch in einem Atelier.

Painted glass assembled in the kiln, ready for firing.

Zwei Personen betrachten große, bunt bedruckte Glasscheiben, die flach in einer Werkhalle ausgelegt sind.

Before firing, glass colors appear matt, afterwards they are translucent and vibrant