Glowing glass painting “Saat” at Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe

Derix Glasstudios & artist Margit Abele produce extraordinary piece of “public art” The luminous glass wall painting named “Saat”, (German: seed), by the artist Mrs. Margit Abele has been installed in November 2016 within the new building constructions of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe. An important source of inspiration for the [...]

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Art Glass within the Caritas center St. Franziskus in Mannheim

Art Glass within the Caritas center St. Franziskus in Mannheim When glass passion meets therapeutically art In collaboration with the artist Yvelle Gabriel, the Derix Art Glass Studios realized therapeutic art glass for the Caritas center St. Franziskus in Mannheim. According to the painter's designs, 13 windows were created for the "chapel canticle of the sun" as well as other glass windows for the "room of silence and encounter" in the hospice of St. Vincent. The project, which was designed and implemented in the years 2015 and 2016, is presented to you today in detail:

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Church windows: St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford

Church windows: St. Mel's Cathedral in Longford Execution of Art Glass Window, designed by Kim En Joong completed St. Mel's Cathedral in Longford, Ireland was almost completely destroyed, after a devastating fire in 2009. In despite of the immense damages and the still ongoing restoration, the church was re-opened in Dec 2014. Father Kim En Joong, artist and priest, designed the art glass windows for the new church windows and Derix Glasstudios in Taunusstein translated his design into glass. The work was completed in December 2016.

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glasstec – Special Show: Glass Goes Digital

Glasstec – Special Show: Glass Goes Digital Derix Glasstudios present future visions in glass Derix Glasstudios is famous all over the world for extraordinary intuition for (glass) designs and glass art. In September 2016 the Derix company presented within the scope of a special show at the glasstec exhibition, Düsseldorf in a cooperation with Glaserei Schmitt, Taunusstein and Mehrwert/ München a shower as well as a writing desk, both of the RS-line under the motto “GLASS GOES DIGITAL”. During the official exhibition days with media and TV and during all following exhibition days our developments caused great interest of the public. We put together the most beautiful impressions for you.

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STATE AWARD WINNER! Marko Simecki winner of Performance Competition of Crafts 2016 Derix apprentice presents unique work piece. Each year the Chambers of Crafts, in cooperation with the German Federal Association of Skilled Crafts (ZDH), selects a winner of the crafts performance competition, first by State, following all state winners will automatically participate in the federal competition in November.

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The artist Gerlach Bente visits Taunusstein

The artist Gerlach Bente visits Taunusstein Bente fabricates church windows in the Derix Glasstudios Last week the painter and glass artist Gerlach Bente came to our studios again to continue his work at the windows he designed for the Feldstein church St. Trinitatis in Zerbst-Nutha. You can find first impressions of this process here:

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Lutheran Church Margarethe, Wettenberg-Krofdorf

Lutheran Church Margarethe, Wettenberg-Krofdorf Leaded stained glass, hand blown Lambertsglass®, opaque, with flash, manufactured especially for Prof. Schreiter. Refined by contour lines, acid etching and precise airbrushing, hereby creating very delicate colour gradations. Prior to leading, waxing up of the panels onto a float glass pane, for Prof Schreiter to examine and proof the work. [...]

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Vestibule and fully glazed system in the Hildesheim Cathedral (Mariendom)

HILDESHEIM CATHEDRAL HONOURED WITH THE STATE AWARD OF LOWER SAXONY (NIEDERSACHSEN) FOR ARCHITECTURE 2016 The project Cathedral of Hildesheim (Mariendom) was given the State Prize for Architecture 2016 in June this year and was honoured this way for the successful restoration of the historical building structure. DERIX GLASSTUDIOS were involved in this project – [...]

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Police Headquarters, ENSCHEDE

1500 sqm of cold facade, installed in front of the buildings facade. The single panels, ea. size 1780 x 2140 mm, consist of 10 mm blue thermally shaped float glass (arctic blue). The final texture had been developed according to the requirements of the architect, by producing various samples, fabricated using different moulds and firing [...]

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