Lutheran Church Margarethe, Wettenberg-Krofdorf

Lutheran Church Margarethe, Wettenberg-Krofdorf Leaded stained glass, hand blown Lambertsglass®, opaque, with flash, manufactured especially for Prof. Schreiter. Refined by contour lines, acid etching and precise airbrushing, hereby creating very delicate colour gradations. Prior to leading, waxing up of the panels onto a float glass pane, for Prof Schreiter to examine and proof the work. [...]

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Vestibule and fully glazed system in the Hildesheim Cathedral (Mariendom)

HILDESHEIM CATHEDRAL HONOURED WITH THE STATE AWARD OF LOWER SAXONY (NIEDERSACHSEN) FOR ARCHITECTURE 2016 The project Cathedral of Hildesheim (Mariendom) was given the State Prize for Architecture 2016 in June this year and was honoured this way for the successful restoration of the historical building structure. DERIX GLASSTUDIOS were involved in this project – [...]

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Police Headquarters, ENSCHEDE

1500 sqm of cold facade, installed in front of the buildings facade. The single panels, ea. size 1780 x 2140 mm, consist of 10 mm blue thermally shaped float glass (arctic blue). The final texture had been developed according to the requirements of the architect, by producing various samples, fabricated using different moulds and firing [...]

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